Terms and Conditions

Your dog

1. You “the owner” must provide full and honest details regarding your dog’s health, medical history, behavior and any other details that may affect the services provided by Bella’s Doggie Day Care. Failure to disclose any information, whether material fact or not, which in our view render your dog unsuitable for our services will amount to a breach of the terms and conditions and will result in termination of any service provided by Bella’s Doggie Day Care, without a refund.

2. All dogs must be up to date with all their vaccinations, worming, tick and flea treatments. You “the owner” must provide the carer with your dog’s vaccination booklet prior to any service given by Bella’s Doggie Day Care.

3. All dogs must be micro chipped. You “the owner” must provide your dog’s microchip number.

4. Bella’s Doggie Day Care cannot accept any dog that is listed under the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991. This includes any dog that shows signs of aggression towards animals and people.

4.1 Should your dog show signs of aggression towards the carer providing the service for your dog or their family, including any family pets, you accept that he/she will be placed in another form of boarding, such as a dog boarding kennel until your return and that will be subject to a transfer charge of £10, which will be payable upon your return. There will be no refund of the services provided by Bella’s Doggie Day Care. Any additional charges from the Dog boarding kennel will be payable by you “the owner”.

5. Bella’s Doggie Day Care are happy to accept un-spayed bitches, however, if you believe your bitch is due to come into season during the service provided, you must inform us. Please be aware that Bella’s Doggie Day Care will make every effort to protect your un-spayed bitch from un-wanted male attention but cannot be held responsible for any accidents that may occur and any result in unwanted pregnancy.

6. Bella’s Doggie Day Care will accept entire males at their discretion and providing they do not show aggression towards other dogs or people.

7. If you prefer/agree to your dog being exercised off lead, please note you “the owner” must sign the ‘Off Lead’ section of the booking form. In doing so you accept responsibility for third party liability.

8. All dogs must be in good general health.

9. All food, supplements and medication needs are to be provided by you “the owner”, for the duration of all services and you “the owner” must sign the ‘Medication’ section of the booking form for the carer to administer the medication.

10. You “the owner” are responsible for supplying enough food for the duration of your dog/s stay as well as food and water bowls, bedding, lead, toys etc. that will help the dog/s to settle into the new environment. If insufficient food is supplied you are responsible for reimbursing the carer for costs incurred in the purchase of more food.

11. All dogs using services provided by Bella’s Doggie Day Care must wear a collar with an identity tag showing the name and address of the owner (a telephone number is optional but advisable). This is a legal requirement. The dog will also wear a Bella’s Doggie Day Care identity tag on its collar.

12. You “the owner” agree, if after 10 days of the booked return date the owner has not collected the dog/s and Bella’s Doggie Day Care had made every attempt to contact the owner or Emergency Contact without success then the dog/s would be put up for re-homing.

13. If you collect your dog/s before the confirmed end date of the board you will not be entitled to a refund.

14. If the carer is unable to proceed with the board/service due to a change in personal circumstances, such as illness or emergency, Bella’s Doggie Day Care will endeavor to home your dog/s with another carer, but this may not be in the same area. Bella’s Doggie Day Care reserve the right at their discretion to cancel the booking and refund the fee without any liability to Bella’s Doggie Day Care. We will always give you as much notice as possible in this situation.

15. Bella’s Doggie Day Care may take photos of your dog/dogs during services for social media, provided you have given permission and signed the “Photography” section on the booking form.


1. Bella’s Doggie Day Care always provides safe care to ensure the happiness and safety of your dog/s. However, if your dog becomes unwell or has an accident during any service provided, we will take your dog to a Veterinary Surgery, either your own or the closest Vet available in case of emergency. You agree to be responsible for any payment of veterinary fees upon your return, be that to Bella’s Doggie Day Care or directly to the Veterinary Surgery, which ever applies.

2. Bella’s Doggie Day Care will attempt to contact the owner or Emergency Contact in an emergency and if necessary the Emergency Contact is expected to make any decisions with regard to the dog/s. If the owner or Emergency Contact cannot be contacted, Bella’s Doggie Day Care reserves the right to act on the owner’s behalf, seeking and following advice from a veterinary surgeon.

3. Although we maintain high standards of safety and well being for your dog, Bella’s Doggie Day Care cannot be liable in the event of loss, injury or death whilst in our care.

4. Bella’s Doggie Day Care reserves the right to charge for any damage (other than reasonable wear and tear) caused by the client's dog to the carers home or furnishings during the course of the dog's stay.


1. All cancellations must be notified to Bella’s Doggie Day Care at least 24 hours before the service is due to be provided. Any cancellations less than 24 hours before the service is provided will still be charged.

2. All bookings for boarding of any type must be secured with a 50% deposit, the remainder must be paid upon return of owner or within 7 days of the service. If payment is not made by the 7th day a £5 per additional week charge will incur.

3. You “the owner” give Bella’s Doggie Day Care permission to enter your property to carry out the booked service at the arranged date and time and if required to keep a key to the property in a safe location. Under no circumstance will anyone have access to your key or home other than Bella’s Doggie Day Care.

4. If the service provided is to be taken place at your home, be it visiting or house/dog sitting or other services, no one other than Bella’s Doggie Day Care will have access to your key or your home.