House/Pet Sitting

House/Pet sitting offers the best of both worlds, looking after your pets as well as your home. This service can bring peace of mind knowing that your home will not be left vulnerable while you are away.

Looking after your pets in their own home can be very beneficial, they will carry on their daily routine in their own environment. This is especially helpful for nervous dogs or dogs with an illness or disability.

House/Pet Sitting will include daily walks, depending on your dogs needs, we will walk them once or twice a day. They will receive lots of love and fuss, playing games and with toys, basic training and brushing.

For a small additional fee we offer basic grooming such as bath, brush and blow dry or towel dry if your dog doesn't like the dryer!

We are fully insured and DBS checked to look after your pets in your own home, we are also insured to hold your house key. Bella's Doggie Day Care can House/Pet sit for full 24 hour periods or just for the night. This service is great if you have other pets as well as dogs, we will feed your fish, cats, rabbits or any other small furry friend.

If you have any questions about this service please give us a call.

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