All services FAQ's

Q) Does my dog need to be vaccinated?

A) Yes, all dogs who use our services MUST be fully vaccinated and have up to date flea and worming treatments.

Q) What happens if my dog is unwell whilst in the care of Bella’s Doggie Day Care?

A) Should your dog become unwell or injured we will take your dog to your own vet or in case of emergency the closest vet available. Any bills will be payable by the owner.

Q) Do you accept puppies?

A) mYes as long as they have had all of their vaccinations, flea and worming treatments and your vet has agreed it is safe, we are happy to accept puppies.

Dog Walking FAQ's

Q) Do i need to be at home for you to collect my dog?

A) No, we are fully insured and DBS checked to use your key to collect your dog.

Q) Will you walk my dog off the lead?

A) If you wish to have your dog exercised off lead you must sign the "Off Lead" part of the booking form. We can walk your dog on a long lead (10m) if you are not comfortable with them being let off lead.

Q) Will you walk my dog in the rain?

A) We do not mind a bit of rain! We will walk your dog in rain,sleet, snow or shine as long as it is safe to do so. 

Q) How long are the walks?

A) Our walks vary to suit your dog, 30 minutes, an hour or 2 hours depending on your dogs needs.

Home Boarding FAQ's

Q) How many dogs do you home board at one time?

A) We can only Home Board 2 dogs at one time and they must be from the same family home. Should you have more than two dogs we are happy to come to you.

Q) Do I need to provide anything for my dog when using Home Boarding Services?

A) Yes, you will need to provide enough food for the duration of your dog’s stay as well as any toys, bedding etc. that your dog will benefit from. You must also provide your dogs collar with identity tag and lead.

Q) Are all dogs suitable for Home Boarding?

A) No, we are unable to accept dogs that are aggressive, destructive, and incontinent and any dog that is over boisterous or lacks obedience, particularly large dogs.

House/Pet Sitting FAQ's

Q) Can you look after my other small pets as well as my dog?

A) Yes, house/pet sitting is perfect if you have cats, rabbits or other small animals, we can look after them as well.

Q) My dog always sleep on my bed, would you be able to do the same?

A) Yes, if your dog sleeps on your bed they will sleep on ours! 

Pet Visit FAQ's

Q) How long does a visit last?

A) Depending on how many pets you have it may vary. On average they last 30 minutes, for more than 2 dogs up to an hour.

Q) Can you feed all my pets, including any cats or small animals?

A) Yes, even if you have a dog, a cat, a rabbit and 5 other pets, we can feed them all on our visits. Timings and prices may vary depending on how many and how long we visit.

Pet Taxi FAQ's

Q) Can you take my dog to my groomers or Vets?

A) Yes, any where you need your pet to be, even if that is the airport! we can take them.

Q) How are they transported?

A) Your pets will be transported in our fully kitted out car. We have a fixed cage in the boot of the car or for dogs that dont do well in cages, they can relax in the back of the car with a dog seat belt on and a comfy bed so they can lay down or look out the window.