Dog Walking

Whether your dog needs a walk every day, every week, when you are at work, on holiday or just fancy an evening out, Bella's Doggie Day Care can cater to what you need.

You can choose a 30 minute walk, an hour walk or a social walk where your dog can get used to walking with other dog's.

For our social walks we have a maximum of 4 dogs per walk policy so your furry friend won't be overwhelmed. We can create a routine to suit your dog's needs whether they like to be walked off or on lead, play games or just fancy a simple walk. With every walk we will work in some basic training as well as some fun!

All Walks will be in your local area and you will need to provide your dog with a collar and lead with an identity tag. Should you not have a lead or collar we do have spares your dog can use. We also will attach our own identity tags with our details on to your dogs collar.

If you have any questions about this service please give us a call.

For More Information and Inquiries, Please Call Us

​​07305 442323

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